half-thunk thoughts

I’m finding that one of the problems of being in school again is that it makes me think more, but I don’t have the time to do anything with what I’m thinking. This morning (it’s morning for me, okay?) I’m thinking about the little I know about Leni Riefenstahl, and wanting to know more, thinking […]

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Resort to bribery

I’ve been getting in my own way really quite drastically on the work I really must do for classes the past few weeks. I have attempted to ease myself along, break the tasks into manageable chunks (new and important skill for me, that), not beat myself up, set aside time, try to identify the things […]

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It’s Routine

I’ve been thinking about Lillian Rubin’s The Man With the Beautiful Voice (assigned) and how much I disagree not so much with her actual decisions about when she should allow physical contact (with no sexual overtones from her) to be part of her therapeutic work with someone, but how she reaches those decisions. I’ve been […]

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Skillful Means

My professors of Holistic Theories of Psychotherapy tell me that Buddhist Yoga practitioners…or possibly Yogic practitioners of Buddhism…use a phrase which has been translated as ‘skillful means’.  It is not enough to have good intentions, or even a good heart, or a passionate desire to help others.  One must also have the skillful means to […]

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